SDOG-NFT is a decentralized platform for NFT management and trading, with ultra privilege and protection of digitalised assets by sending and storing them in the space!

The platform provides flexible and extremely secure storage options for both usability and ultimate NFT protection. In particular, users can choose from many different…

SDOG-NFT 是首个开放型、去中心化的NFT资产安全存储引擎,也是第一个采用包括太空存储机制在内的多元存储方式来保护用户 NFT 资产安全的平台。

SDOG-NFT 安全存储的多元化体现在用户数字资产可以采用多种存储途径来保障资产的安全性。SDOG-NFT 将采用多种不同安全存储方式,包括云存储,分布式存储,以及通过太空节点在卫星和空间站中进行数字 …

SDOG is entering Mars phase with limited SpaceD token. Environment friendly mining is coming soon!

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted about his concern regarding the impact of the rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels on Bitcoin mining and its transactions. Especially the use of coal which has the worst impact on…

The Covid epidemic in India continues to be severe. SDOG community has been paying attention to the status of the Covid epidemic and in order to become the cornerstone of value circulation in the new order of the current cryptocurrency market, and pay tribute to Vitalik and jointly spread humanitarian care, SDOG community decided to send start-up capital to Sandeep Nailwal fund for Covid Relief Foundation in India: 0x68A99f89E475a078645f4BAC491360aFe255Dff1 airdropped amount is 5% SDOG tokens, the current value is $21,759,929.

SDOG Community

May 13 2021

We are pleased to announce that SDOG will start our initial airdrop for 1 week duration

Reward: $10,000 worth of SDOG

Duration: 5th-12th May

How to get:

1.Follow Smalldogecoin official Twitter:

2.Join the official Telegram of Smalldogecoin:

3.Get your own NFT on, …

Dear friends,

Whenever I’m alone in the night, I like to look up at the sky, watching the light of the stars refract the atmosphere, bright or faint, tempting and fascinating. Are you the same as me?

I, Small Dogecoin, was born in the KenLon Musk Project. Strictly speaking, Dogecoin…

Small Doge Twitter:@Smalldoge_zoom Telegram:

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